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November 2018

Alberta, Some of the Lowest Utility Prices

Alberta, Some of the Lowest Utility Prices 1920 1066 Olympus Energy

Albertans have low utility prices due to both deregulation (see Deregulation blog post) and its rich natural resources. Here we will address how Alberta’s rich resources lower our utility prices.

Canada is the world’s 3rd largest producer of natural gas, and 75-80% of that production comes from Alberta. We get it cheap. Natural gas heats our homes.  It is also an efficient means of generating electricity in power plants. According to the National Energy Board’s September 2018 report, Alberta generated 47.4% of its electricity from coal, 40.3% from natural gas, and 12.3% from renewables in 2016. (https://www.neb-one.gc.ca/nrg/sttstc/lctrct/rprt/2017cndrnwblpwr/prvnc/ab-eng.html?=undefined&wbdisable=true)

Between rich resources and deregulation of the energy sector, Albertans have some of the lowest utility prices anywhere in North America.

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Door-to-Door Sales ban for energy related products in Alberta

Door-to-Door Sales ban for energy related products in Alberta 361 240 Olympus Energy

In January 2017, the Government of Alberta effected a door-to-door sales ban on energy related products and services due to hundreds of Albertans complaining of salespeople misrepresenting themselves as Government of Alberta members in order to aggressively sell HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances) or energy contracts to Alberta residences. Generally, most companies were fair and ethical, but a few unsavoury sales people commonly used safety scare tactics, cited non-existent government rebate programs, and used unethical sales pressure techniques to sell highly overpriced appliances or home utility contracts to home and business owners. 


Since then, no unsolicited door-to-door sales of energy related products or services are permitted in Alberta including energy audits, air conditioners, windows, furnaces, water heaters, and natural gas and electricity energy contracts. 

Companies may still phone, advertise, or present their products and services, but may not go door-to-door.


If you have concerns about door-to-door sales, call the Alberta Government’s consumer protection number: 1-877-427-4088.