What energy ninjas need to know to be less noticed.

No one messes with the energy Ninja! I once worked with a colleague who was serious about energy savings. He was a thermostat ninja! Hot summers and cold winters both outside and inside the office. My office was so uncomfortable, customers in summer meetings had glistening sweaty foreheads. In winter, customers had to wear coats during client meetings. Did we save on the utility bill? Not much!

While my colleague, (the thermostat ninja) should be commended for his commitment to reduce costs and save energy, there are a few misconceptions he had that could have made a real difference on our utility bill and not required making everyone so uncomfortable. This is what energy ninjas need to know to be less noticed.

Ninja tip 1: Most heat is lost through walls, not windows.

All energy ninjas know heat is lost to exterior windows, but not all ninjas realize window heat loss is only a small percentage of the total heat loss in a home or business (10-20%). Typically, exterior walls account for much more heat loss than windows due to their larger surface area. Unless windows are leaking air, it’s better to insulate walls before upgrading windows since heat loss through windows is usually minimal compared to walls. In other words, an insulation upgrade will pay itself back sooner than a window upgrade. Every energy ninja should know this.

(https://www.mythinkenergy.com/common-energy-myths – tip 8)