Olympus Energy’s commitment to savings

While most power companies want to squeeze every last dime they can from their customers, at Olympus Energy we are in the business of saving our customers money.

In order to save money on your electric bill, you have to get out of the mindset that ignorance is bliss. While knowledge is not necessarily power unless you know how to wield it, it is the first step. This blog is designed to give you the knowledge you need to identify the biggest energy wasters in your house. These devices can aptly be called “energy vampires.”

In 2010 Canada led the world — followed closely by the United States — in household electricity consumption. Almost 12,000 kWh/year energy consumption per average household. This was two or three times most household in Europe. And more than 10 times as much as the average Indian household!

The average Edmonton resident can expect to pay around $1,200 dollars a year for electricity. In order to cut down this cost, we believe it’s more important to first cut waste before dipping into energy you actually use. Experts estimate about 35 percent of energy used is actually energy wasted.

Seven “energy vampires” in your house

In 2011, Forbes did an article on the top 26 home energy hogs. We’re going to highlight seven of the most relevant ones to us in 2019.

  1. Notebook Computer
  2. Central Heating Furnace
  3. Cable Modem
  4. Desktop Computer
  5. Computer Speakers
  6. Laser Printer
  7. DSL Modem

So when you’re not using these items, take the time to unplug them. A simple solution would be to plug as many of them onto one power strip as you can. This allows you to easily shut them off and start them back up all at once. The good news is many of the components listed above are likely already in the same room in your house.

Additionally, ensuring your windows are properly shut and installing sufficient insulation. Heating and cooling can take up around 47 percent of your energy usage — so taking care of those things can add up to immense amounts of savings.

Your electricity provider can help you save even more

All this being said, it’s perfectly fine to use the energy you need to live your daily life. However, what you never want to do is waste.

Whether or not you use the knowledge above to cut down on energy waste, the truth is your electricity provider also makes a big difference in how much you end up spending on electricity.

At Olympus Energy we ‘re convinced we can save you money on your electric bill. We invite you to try us out, and if we can’t save you money, just send us your bill. We’ll give you $100 cash for the trouble. We have no contract, no sign-up fees, and no cancellation fees.

Still not convinced we can save you money? We’ll give you a free quote so you can see the difference for yourself.