Electricity In Alberta

Olympus Energy is your trusted provider of electricity in Alberta and the surrounding areas, including Edmonton and Calgary. We serve homes and businesses alike. Contact us to get a free quote.

Floating Rate

Olympus Energy uses a floating rate, which historically has been the best for Albertans. We also offer brokering for large businesses who would prefer fixed rates.


Everyone who works in the field and in our headquarters lives and works in Alberta. We give you friendly, local service, and you support the local economy.



Whether your electricity comes from coal, natural gas, wind, hydro or biomass, there is a generator out there producing this energy for your needs. Sometimes our power supply is supplemented by importing power from other provinces and the United States. Each generator sells their energy on the wholesale electricity market. The wholesale price for electricity is set each hour.


After being generated, electricity travels across high-voltage transmission lines to local substations. Some of these companies are: ATCO, EPCOR and ENMAX.


From the substations the electricity travels over lower-voltage distribution lines. This voltage is then reduced to 240/120 volts before it enters your home or business.

End User (RETAIL):

This is where Olympus energy sits in the process, we market this electricity to you the end user. Light up your home with Olympus Energy!

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