Make it a New Year’s Resolution to Save Money and Energy (Part One)

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to Save Money and Energy (Part One)

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to Save Money and Energy (Part One) 1200 628 Krissy H

We’re always searching for ways to save money, and one of the biggest ways — our home energy consumption — is right in front of us! Learn tips from our energy company!


Energy savings sort of sits around like a New Year’s resolution — either you’re gung-ho and ready to take action to conserve energy in your home, or you’ll sit on it for another year talking about how you need to work on saving energy!


The thing about it is, there are so many small, actionable changes you can make — and really, it doesn’t impact your daily life all that much. Even better, you save money on your gas and electric bill.


At Olympus Energy, the truth of the matter is, we all consume gas and electricity to enjoy the comforts of modern life. We’re here to guide and assist you in these services and offer a floating rate on utilities in the Alberta area. Partner with us, and learn the best tips for saving money and electricity in the new year!


Small Steps to Maximize Your Energy Savings


When it comes to resolutions we tend to go big — lose 20 pounds in a month or cutting out alcohol for a year. These big ambitions are courageous and well-intentioned but sometimes you have to start small, and that is how you maximize your energy saving goals! Below are some of the best tips and techniques we’ve learned in all of our years as energy suppliers.


Energy Conservation Tip #1 – Reconsider dish duty!


A dishwasher uses a good deal of water and electricity and sometimes we forget this because it was a long day at work, and we just want to load the dishes and relax. To save energy, consider hand washing your dishes every other load you would normally turn to use the dishwasher. Even air drying your dishes in lieu of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle can cut the energy usage up to 50 percent.


If you do hand wash dishes, don’t leave the water running. Fill the sink and let the dishes soak, give them a good scrub, and then rinse them with clean water.

Energy Conservation Tip #2 – Slowly raise the temperature in your home!

You all have been there — a large snowstorm hits and you return to your home after a long day at work and crank the heat! When you rapidly try and raise the temperature, it uses more energy trying to get up to the temperature. If you can, keep raising your home’s temperature by a couple of degrees in a slower manner to maximize your energy savings. 

Energy Conservation Tip #3 – Keep the oven door closed!

For all of those impatient chefs out there, keep your oven door closed while cooking! Every time you open the door, you can lose up to 25 degrees — not only are you wasting energy, but the lost heat may also impact the final outcome of what you’re cooking. Instead, use the oven light and switch it on to check on your food.


Energy Conservation Tip #4 – Replace well-loved fixtures.


There are certain rooms that we use the most — choose the five most used fixtures in your home and replace them or the light bulbs with energy saving products such as LED light bulbs, and then slowly and gradually, replace all the light bulbs in your home to really begin to see energy savings.  


Energy Conservation Tip #5 – Air dry your clothes!


In warmer weather, invest in a laundry line and hang your clothes outside, and in the cooler months use it inside to air dry your clothes. It may take a little more effort, but the energy you conserve makes an impact.


If you simply can’t air dry clothes, find an energy efficient dryer to better save energy.


Energy Conservation Tip #6 – Lower the temperature setting on your hot water heater.


Reduce your hot water heater’s temperature to around 48 degrees Celcius to really begin to see an impact on your monthly utilities. Another great tip is to turn off your hot water heater when you go out of town — this way you’re not paying to heat it and it warms up in about an hour when you turn it back on.


Taking small steps toward energy conservation is as simple as committing to a few, minor changes. You don’t have to completely uproot what you’re doing — you just have to become more mindful of how you use energy. Begin by picking and choosing what makes sense for your life and you’ll begin to see changes in your utilities and even save money.


For more tips, stay tuned for part two!


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