Save on your Energy Bill using SMART SWITCHES

Save on your Energy Bill using SMART SWITCHES

Save on your Energy Bill using SMART SWITCHES 320 314 cs


Imagine if you could control the lighting and dim features with all your lighting in your home with an app or your voice. You don’t even have to be in the home or get out of bed. Smart Light Switches allow you to do this. Whether you want to make sure you didn’t forget to switch off your lights before bed or when leaving the home. With smart switches, you have the luxury of timing the turn on and off so that you don’t have to. Set the mood or deter burglars. Even save on electricity by controlling when and how long your lights remain on.

If it is in the cards, I think it is a no-brainer that this would be an excellent move for anyone. But really how do we decide on what product is the best. There are multiple options and multiple companies.

Here are the five best features we found when it comes to choosing a smart switch for you and your home.

Dimmer options – Choose a switch that gives you a dimmer option. This will allow you to create the mood for that special evening! Not only that but dimmer switches lower your energy consumption and help your bulbs last longer. If you don’t need it that bright turn it down.

Google Home and Alexa Compatible – Why get up to turn all the lights off in the house when you can tell Alexa to do it. Make sure that you choose a switch that includes compatibility to your favorite home assistant.

Remote control through an Ap – Did you leave the house but have that nagging feeling you may have left on the lights? No worries, use your smart switch app on your smartphone to check! Turn them off if you forgot or turn them on to deter burglars. Either way, keep on top of things with remote control!

Price of course – Everyone wants the best value for their money. Gosund and Kasa remain the best priced. Depending on if you purchase them in packages or solo you will pay between $17 and $28 dollars.

Reviews and Star Rating – No better feedback than the 1000’s of people who have used the product. Best star rating for the smart switch is Teckin and Kasa at 4.6 stars. However, it is important too to see how many reviews they have received. Kasa dominates here at over 19K reviews.