Smart Plugs – Should I get them?

Smart Plugs – Should I get them?

Smart Plugs – Should I get them? 320 262 cs

How amazing would a smart home be?! However, you run into exorbitant costs to do this. The easiest and most cost-effective way today is to get a Smart plug. Turn your electronics on and off anywhere with your smartphone. Though you may have left the stove on after you left for work? No worries, pull up your app and turn it off right there and then.

Home and want to control those electronics, simply ask Alexa or Google to do it for you. How convenient it would be to have a smart home! Smart plugs are super easy to install and work off your 2.4 GHz internet connection.

See below the comparison of our top five picks.

There are a few features to consider when choosing your smart plug:


Google Home and Alexa Compatible – All five of these smart plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google home. Easy to connect and install. Once installed simply ask Alexa to turn the stove off for you!

Remote control through an Ap – Did you leave the house but have that nagging feeling you may have left the stove on? No worries, use your smart switch app on your smartphone to check! Turn it off!

Price of course – Everyone wants the best value for their money. Yutron and Teckin remain the best priced. Depending on if you purchase them in packages or solo you will pay avout $28 to $30

Reviews and Star Rating – No better feedback than the 1000’s of people who have used the product. The best star rating for the smart switch is Teckin 4.7 stars. However, it is important too to see how many reviews they have received. Kasa dominates here at over 17K reviews.