The Hows of Wind Energy

The Hows of Wind Energy

The Hows of Wind Energy 1200 628 Krissy H

How you ever been driving down the highway only to see a truck hauling what looks like a giant, skinny airplane wing? Perhaps you know already know what it is. Maybe you don’t. Chances are what you’ve seen being hauled is a windmill blade. While windmills certainly look giant even from a distance, seeing just one of these blades up close can be quite overwhelming. They can be up to 100 feet long! At Olympus Energy we’ve always been fascinated by windmills.

Windmills or wind turbines are impressively gigantic means of harnessing wind power. As an Edmonton power company we have a lot of interest in energy and how it’s produced. In this blog post we are going to look into windmills and they energy they provide.

How do windmills work?

Two of the best things about wind power are the eco-friendliness and the fact that it’s a renewable resource — the earth is constantly producing wind.

Windmills are based upon a simple concept. Wind blows and generates the energy to turn two or three propeller-like blades. The blades are connected with what’s a called a hub to form the rotor. From there the rotor is connected to a gear box, which is then connected to a generator.

Additionally, windmills usually have built in controls to start when the wind reaches a certain speed. They also shutdown when the winds reach high speeds to prevent damage. Windmills even have wind vanes designed to turn toward the wind when it comes from a different direction.

Interesting fact: wind is actually a form of solar energy.

How much does wind energy does Canada use?

Electricity generated from wind powers an average of over 3 million Canadian homes. Wind power gives these homes a means to take part in getting electricity in a clean, reliable, and efficient manner. According to the National Energy Board, wind energy experiences a growth rate of approximately eighteen percent a year, making it the largest source of new energy generation here in Canada.

Canada is currently ranked eighth in the world when it comes to wind energy capacity. Wind energy supplies nearly six percent of Canada’s need for electricity.

How is wind an affordable source of renewable energy?

There are an estimated two hundred thousand wind turbines around the world. These windmills can power up to one hundred million homes. Wind is one of the cheapest means of generating electricity. It’s also a highly unpredictable way of doing it. That’s why power companies have to rely other on means of generating electricity to meet their clients’ needs.

Where does Olympus fit in?

After the electricity is generated, transmitted, and distributed, your power company comes into play. We make sure that your energy — some of which is generated by wind — reaches your home at affordable rates.

At Olympus Energy, we seek to be the most environmentally-conscious energy supplier, while keeping your rates as low as possible. We’re so confident we can save you money, we came up with our $100 challenge. Sign up for our energy services today and see how much we can save you.